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Core Stability Toolkit Masterclass

Core stability forms the basic pillars for movement skills. Without it, balance, hand function, rolling, crawling, stepping and standing skills cannot progress. When children (and adults!) have good core stability it doesn’t look like a plank or a sit up, quite the opposite in fact.

In children with additional needs, they are more likely to need consistent work with subtle therapy, delivered in doses of play to work on their core stability.

But do you know how to support your child’s core stability?

Do you know what it looks like when your child is exercising the ‘wrong’ core muscle groups?

In supporting families with their children’s core stability I have seen massive improvements in inclusion participation - sitting at the table for a family meal, less fatigue, lower impact of tone in arms and legs and greater levels of stamina and comfort.

This is why I’m SO passionate about core stability and postural control and I’d love to teach you more about it.