Breaking Down Barriers FREE Download

Navigating the SEN system, even as a dedicated professional, can be so TOUGH; it can often feel like you're fighting a losing battle, stuck between a family in need and a system that can’t cope.  But you are not alone! There are resources out there to help you, and with a little signposting you can find exactly what you need. 

Here is your absolutely free, go to guide to understanding the barriers that you face as professionals and how to BREAK THEM DOWN!.  Watch this workshop in which Jo McMeechan, Highly Specialist Children’s Physiotherapist and SEN Advocate, explains the different sources of support you need at your disposal and how to get the resources you need!. You will also have access to a SEN Professional Toolkit workbook which goes hand in hand with the workshop to give you practical tips and ideas for implementing what you have learnt.

Breaking Down Barriers FREE Download

This resource is easy to fit into your busy day; it will give your team a huge boost and reassure you that there are accessible resources available to your setting!

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